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Name:zachary jones
your name is zachary jones. zach for short. your life is ordinary. you've never done anything out of the ordinary before. you're just a guy, really. nothing spectacular associates with you, and you don't associate with it. where you sit is in the middle, but you fade sometimes, disappearing from view and slowly blending in with the scenery. you're used to that, so it probably shouldn't... it doesn't bother you.

you're eighteen and you're in your last year -your senior year- of high school. you'll be off to college after this summer's over, and you'll be ready for it when the time comes. you're not exactly smart, but you have grades that are just high enough that your teachers aren't concerned. you're passing. you're not on their radar, but you're not going to be praised either. you're doing fine. just, y'know. just fine. if that bothers you at all, you don't acknowledge it.

you have a few people who hang around you at lunch and after class who call themselves friends, but none of them know you past your name and where you live and the baseball cap that can always be found sitting on your head, a different color for every day of the week. you're not sure you've ever been close to anybody before, but you've never really been alone either (not technically), so how can you complain? you can't, so you don't. you cope, because you're okay. it's not a big deal. despite that, though, deep down it still bothers you enough that's it like a ghost. you feel it unexpectedly.

you've got blond hair, blue eyes, and a crooked smile with crowded teeth. you've got an obnoxious laugh and you talk too loud and too fast. you can be shy, though, and flirting makes you blush and stumble all over your words. you're cute, people say, but you'll never be sexy. you're too innocent. that bothers you, and you can deny it if you want, but you know it does.

you don't break rules. sometimes you want to, but the ideas (the fantasies) leave your head just as soon as they enter it. they fizzle out like they had never existed and you let them. because you're a good boy, people say, and you can never be anything else. and that... that definitely bothers you.

you're zach. you've always been zach. but what if you don't want to be him anymore?

*disclaimer: this is a roleplay journal. it's not real. i am not niall horan, nor am i associated with him. zachary jones is an original character i created. as a player i have a preference towards writing slash (and i've got a mmw post up searching for a semi-specific slash line). mun and muse are 18+!*
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